Explore New Water Depth: The Story of Kacey Musgraves' New Album


 Explore New Water Depth: The Story of Kacey Musgraves' New Album

Kacey Musgraves has announced the release of her new album, “Deeper Wells,” which serves as a catchphrase for the entire album and is the title of the first single from the album. Musgraves says that this greater depth, which she says is the source of this music, came through familiar channels. : Meditation, Repeated Phrases, Mushrooms, and Manhattan, where the album was mainly written and recorded. Now, as Musgraves recently explained, she's "more focused" and delivers serious, pensive music to prove it — a somewhat dramatic shift from Star's pop experiments. crossed.

The song "Deeper Wells" touches on this story succinctly, a strategic release befitting Kacey Musgraves' status as a singer-songwriter-turned-pop diva: she's cool with folk-pop in a refreshing way that keeps up with the huge success of her recent collaborators Noah Kahan and Zach Bryan, offers a news piece (She Was Smoking Lots of weed, but she doesn't do that anymore), and includes criticism of unnamed people trying to "waste her time" and "seeking to take whatever they can take" to get older fans to think about (her first public romance after the divorce ended in November).

The song isn't Musgraves's first foray into going deeper: "Die Fun" and "Slow Burn" (two of her best works) both take a loose, existential approach, odes to enjoying the moment and going their own way. What distinguishes “Deeper Wells,” the song, and Deeper Well, the album, from their folky and meditative predecessors is the inward-looking intensity and corresponding gaze of the album’s sound and flow. Now that Casey has become a first-name person, she doesn't even need to hint that she's releasing an album that includes a variety of sounds and themes. Here she chooses to keep the focus narrow.

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